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December 17, 2017

Not your typical mattress store,  I have enjoyed serving the Portland Mattress Community since 1996 during that time I have come to understand the fears or maybe I should say, concerns of most mattress buyers.  With the help of the best sleep consultants out there, we have put together a way for you to get the right mattress for your body, and minimized our overhead so that we can get you the absolute lowest price on new product from the best of Manufactures. 


I work out of our warehouse, so I know focus on matching you with what I need to make you and your new sleep system a perfect fight.  I might take your mattress and put it on a different foundation, or different frame, making sure that all your concerns are met (whether it is height or What I love the most about what I do, is I make an overwhelming decision simple.  If I do not have the perfect mattress for you, I will tell you.  However, I will be rest assured, when you leave, you will know how to pick the perfect mattress with out getting caught up in the hype.  When we try the mattresses, you know right way that we are never laying on them again.  After 3 minutes you will be a mattress expert for your body.  It is really funny because 70% of the time people actually spend less then they thought.


I will teach you how to make sure you are getting the maximum support, as well as the perfect mattress comfort.  Just 3 minutes until you are the expert, then after that I just point at mattresses based on what you tell me, know one is every the same, because you are unique.  That’s what makes my day great.




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