10” Gel-Max Composition

By Bedtech



Full beds are also known as double beds, the full-size mattress has dimensions that offer more width than twin beds but are smaller than a queen bed. In the past, a full bed was the common size mattress for couples. Today, they are most often used for college students, teens, or a single sleeper with limited space.


The 10-inch Gel Max memory foam mattress has a new improved design. Enjoy a medium-firm feel, that is luxuriously soft. Featuring four layers of foam, which providing pressure point relief, temperature regulation, and the superior support that you need. The 10-inch Gel Max memory foam mattress is ideal for any adjustable bed base.  The 10-inch Gel Max memory foam mattress is a mattress you’ll have to feel to believe! 




  • Open cell, soft, pressure-sensitive, Gel-memory foam technology (less temperature sensitive)

  • Eliminates all pressure points allowing for a healthier sleep by keeping your spine straight.

  • No motion transfer

    • 1” top layer of soft gel infused 4 lb cooling memory foam.

    • 2” of 3 lb density memory foam middle layer

    • 2” Comfort Core

    • 5” of high resilient 2.0 lb density base foam

    • Zip-off, removable, anti-microbial luxury cover

    • 10-year NON-pro-rated warranty

Full 10 inch Gel-Max Mattress

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$529.00Sale Price