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The Mood of Your Room

Personally, I think of my bedroom as my safe space. It is the place solely meant for me, what I want and need. Meant for no one else, my bedroom is comfortable for me, and I doubt I'm alone in that thought.

This is why it's so important to make sure your bedroom soothes you. With so many neat things to make your room comfier, like blackout curtains, and color-changing LEDs, it can be a bit overwhelming to think of what you need.

Rather than tell you what you need, here's a couple of suggestions, things I personally use and have found work best for making my bedroom comfortable and having a good night's sleep.

First and foremost, scent. There's nothing worse than the smell of dirty laundry, or stale sheets. Still, it's not practical to wash your sheets every day just to get that fresh laundry scent. Personally, I love using candles or sprays to make my bed and pillows smell wonderful. For my pillows, I tend to use a lavender spray, as lavender is the perfect mix of floral and calming to soothe me to sleep.

For my room in general, there's little better than using candles! Offering a soothing, soft light, warmth, and a pleasing scent that lasts through the day, candles are my favorites for a soothing night. The best part is, you can place them through your home! A cute table centerpiece, or an accessory to a relaxing bath, candles are my favorite for providing atmosphere and comfort, no matter the place. A fun tip is to use similar scented candles throughout the house! A fruity candle after a minty one can be similar to orange juice after toothpaste, a bit overwhelming.

The second is lighting! Soft lighting during the sunset can place you in the mindset to relax and provides a soft transition rather than a harsh, bright light. I use fairy lights, and, again, candles! Soft lighting improves our feeling of well-being and lets us be cozy. There are a billion ways to style fairy lights as well! Interspersing them through plants, changing the colors, hanging them through posterboard or from the ceiling, whichever way makes you feel good, is the right way.

The third is to make sure your bed is comfortable. Yes, having a good mattress is important, but so are the number and type of pillows, the types of sheets, the number of blankets.

I enjoy a full mound of soft, fluffy pillows, but you might prefer otherwise. Firm pillows, body pillows, there's a whole world of comfort for you! Sheets are important as well. Comfortable sheets that keep you cool and wick moisture and sweat away from your body are as important as a mattress that supports your needs.

Keeping in mind temperature is important. I freeze, so investing in a heated blanket was a good option. However, if you sleep hot, opting for thinner blankets, and less of them, in general, maybe the best choice for you!

In total, your room is solely for you, and only you know what you need and like. Here, we try to assist you in finding what you need, rather than telling you what you need!

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