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Caffeine and You

Everyone needs a pick me up occasionally. Whether you had to cram for a test or stay up late finishing a project, coffee, tea, and energy drinks are all highly appealing.

However, a large portion of the population has no idea all the negative effects of caffeine, and the effects it's having on their quality of sleep.

We all know the importance of sleep, but what about the importance of not being dependant on caffeine in order to function?

Caffeine is the chemical we all know well. Readily available in near everything, it's easy to find something to give you that boost in the morning. But, what many people don't consider is why they need that boost in the morning in the first place! This often leaves people not addressing the initial problem, instead of becoming more and more dependant on caffeine to get things done.

One of the biggest issues is the inevitable caffeine crash that comes after drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks. With such symptoms as headache, irritability, and fatigue, trying to cut back on caffeine is a daunting task. It's better to not get dependant in the first place.

Additionally, caffeine can remain in your body for up to six hours. Drinking an energy drink, or even particularly caffeinated soda with dinner can affect your sleep hours later. A sleep schedule is a fragile thing, and getting off track and schedule can make getting back on track difficult. As a result, more exhaustion in the mornings will lead to seeking more caffeine for its energy-boosting abilities.

Caffeine consumed occasionally will not produce these harmful effects, however, it can be hard to tell when something is enough, and not too much. Care should be taken when consuming caffeine, and other energy-boosting activities should be considered.

For example, drinking a glass of very cold water wakes plenty of people, while some people enjoy some light exercise. Finding what works for you is the best option, but caffeine should not be the first thing people reach for.

In total, sleep is something very important, and we should be more cautious in what we consume and do, and how it effects our sleep patterns.

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