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Mattresses Portland brings up as many choices and Cars Portland. Portland mattress stores are everywhere. The choices are endless when comparing features and price (there are mattress sales everywhere) from brand to brand is challenging because there are so many variables. The combinations are endless Inner spring or latex, organic or natural, euro-top, pillow-top or luxury-plush. Buying a new bed isn’t a frequent purchase (aren’t we glad about that) the learning curve will always be agonizing (unless you come in and let me teach you how to make keep it simple). That’s why I have made simple steps that allow you to find the perfect mattress for you.

If you are looking for a Portland Mattress Store, you will not run out of choices either. Sorting through the clutter of information and hone in on what matters to you – a GREAT night’s sleep – we would love to help you make an informed purchase. Before visiting a mattress retailer, get a lot of your questions answered before you go Portland mattress shopping. And if you’re curious about what mattress is best for your body take our quiz.

Mattress question 1 – Replace your mattress every 8 years

The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending the type of mattress you have as well as the extra measures you have taken to protect your purchase. The truth is that the life of a mattress varies wildly, which depends on how you take care of it, how you sleep on it and how often you rotate it.

Think of your mattress as performance gear for your sleep. Just like a good pair of running shoes can help you run faster and prevent injuries, a supportive mattress can deliver better, healthier sleep. You’ll know when it’s time to shop for a new mattress based on how you feel when you wake up.

Mattress question 2 – A firm mattress is the best mattress for your back

Every body is different, it is important to have firm consistence support but if you have any shape, you need padding to come up and support the curves in your back and side. If you do not have this you will wake up sore and miserable. Consistent support Is what is need for every body type.

Mattress question 3 – The right mattress will prevent tossing and turning

Babies start rolling over in their sleep at about 4 months of age and later life we’re stirring as much as 75 times a night – whether it’s a modest twitch or a full-out roll. We move during the night to ease pressure point pain and to reduce stress and strain on our backs and joints. A great mattress will reduce how much you move at night by providing pressure point relief, which will allow you to slip into deeper, healing REM sleep.

Mattress question 4 – Your new mattress should be a perfect fit from the first time you sleep on it

Some mattresses the consumer will need at least a month to adjust their bodies to a new sleep surface. Considering how long we spend in bed in a 24 hour period, it’s no wonder that our muscles and joints have a memory of how to find the most comfortable spot on the mattress. Does that mean you should only buy from a mattress retailer that offers a comfort guarantee? Not necessarily. If you’ve done your research, shopped around and spent time testing out a variety of mattresses, your mattress purchase should be a natural progression of those activities.

Mattress question 5 – A mattress should be rotated every few months to keep it in good condition

Most mattresses today are made one-sided, which means they should never be flipped. So, how can you ensure maximum enjoyment of your mattress and reduce body impressions?

  • Sleep in a variety of positions and places on the mattress so the entire surface compresses evenly.

  • Rotate your mattress monthly for the first 6 months and quarterly after that.

Please note: when you first start sleeping on your new mattress, rotate every two weeks for the first two months. And remember that body impressions are normal up to 1 ½ inches and not a structural defect. The upholstery materials are conforming to the weight and shape of your body, which is a good thing.

Mattress question 6 – Buy a mattress with the longest warranty possible

Mattress warranties do not refer to the life expectation of your purchase. The warranty covers workmanship and materials and just like many products used with extreme regularity, you’ll notice wear and tear before you reach the end of the warranty.

When buying a new mattress, read the warranty carefully even though there’s very little difference in the terms and conditions of warranties from manufacturer to manufacturer. It’s good to note that transportation costs (to and from the factory) are usually not covered in the case of repair or replacement. As well, a new warranty is normally not issued when the mattress is replaced.

The warning against removing the law tag of your new mattress tag can be scary. The truth is that once you’ve bought the mattress and it’s in your home, you can do whatever you want with it. But if you ever need to file a warranty claim, it needs to be attached to the mattress because it contains critical information that will help the manufacturer process your claim.

What’s the cost of a good night’s sleep? If you spent $2,000 on a new mattress (for example) and slept comfortably on that mattress for 7 years, the cost of healthy sleep would be $0.78 per night – much less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee in the morning…

If you’re ready for a new mattress, we’d love to help you find the right one for you.

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