• Sherri HIner

Portland Mattress Store

Our goal is to help you (the Portland Mattress Community) find the best mattress so you can have the best nights sleep. Portland mattress stores are on every corner it seem, some corners have 4 or 5 (that is not a joke). Most are very reputable companies that sell great product, and I enjoy working together with them making the Portland Mattress Store community complete. When people ask me what makes us different? It is simple, we focus on the things that are important, support, comfort, and price.

Mattresses must have the proper support for your body, remember you are the only you. Your shape, your back health, and weight it is all important when finding the best mattress. Perfect spinal alignment should not require a pillow between the knees. If your spin is aligned there will be little or no knee pressure. There should be no gaps under you back, under your butt under your knees, or between your heal and calf while lying on your back. Most people will push their legs back to feel in these gaps if they exist. If you have great support you will relax and your legs will drop to the side and fill in the gaps for you.

When you find the right support system for your body, it is usually the most comfortable mattress for you, but something we want it just a little more to our personal taste.

Always remember if you Pay to much for a mattress you can not sleep either. So price should always way in some. When deciding which is your perfect mattress.

I hope to see you soon.

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