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Wellsville Mattresses

We are proud to announce the exclusive Wellsville Bed Company has selected us to represent them in our area. They are leaders in the mattress industry in every way. They win awards for being an incredible place to work, as well as being innovative in the way they produce quality products. They believe their Luxury Mattresses are the way to reclaim your rest.

Premium Wellsville mattresses moto is Sleep Well Live Well. They mean every bit of it. When I do a blind test with our customers they always can tell the difference. When doing a blind test people pick their 6 inch gel memory foam over others brands 8 or 10 inch mattresses. The quality is there and it is something you feel and know just by laying on it.

A New Beginning

We begin and end every day in bed. It is the genesis of our day—and ultimately our lives. When we are well rested, the quality of our lives increases. We eat better. We work smarter. And we are more present. Investing in a luxurious bed could be the beginning of a whole new life.

Find Your Perfect Mattress

Crafted from premium materials like gel-infused memory foam, active cooling material, and natural latex, Wellsville mattresses support, cool, and properly align the body.

The Heart of Wellsville


They select high-grade materials for well-crafted mattresses priced to out-shine even nationally-recognized brands.


A Wellsville mattress adds sophistication to your master suite thanks to our elegant design and premium covers.


Once you relax onto a Wellsville mattress, you'll be surprised how easy it is to make better sleep habits a top priority.

Once again we are so proud to have this honor and look forward to showing them to every guest that comes through our doors.

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