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Mattress Showcase.Bargains is here to help you find the best mattress. Deciding which are the best mattresses available in the market, there are a number of critical factors which determine our decision. Some of them are objective and others are more subjective. Here’s a quick overview of what we take into consideration.


You are unique (thank goodness or this world would be boring). When deciding which is the best mattress for you. It is important that we take in to consideration your body type as well as the battle wounds of life, such as back injury, breathing issues, tummy troubles, edema, girds, acid reflux, anything that affects your sleep. All these change the type of support system you need.


Value for money is key when we talk about mattresses. The price tag varies depending on the overhead of a business (that is why we sell out of our warehouse) as well as the overhead of the manufacture. Quality of materials is very important and will change how long it will last. Low-quality materials that are not durable also mean it won’t last long and it won’t be a good value, therefore. Based on the company’s business model and price being charged, we can reach a good assessment of the overall value of the mattress. We sell High quality items and save you money by our hard to find location.


The overall sleep experience and feel are rather an individual opinion. If you are a fan of memory foam for example, then you are inclined towards particular mattresses. Other however can’t stand it. Our judgment is based on not what types of feel is better than the other, but rather on the feel and describing it in detail, showing it off, and make our suggestion. In the end, only you can tell which suits your preferences.


Firmness often times gets confused with support. Support is very important and your body shape and weight dictates what will support your body the best. There are a few mattress tests that will help you understand which mattress support system will help you the best in achieving long term support. The firmness or comfort layers are important also in achieving the perfect support system.

Motion Isolation

The extent to which you can sense movement when sleeping is important especially when you sleep with a partner. In simple terms, the more motion isolation a mattress succeeds, the less you will feel your partner tossing and turn at night.

Sleeping Hot

This is such an important issue for many people, as they are particularly sensitive to sleeping hot. Our personal testing and data research take extra care to assess this aspect of the mattress and credit the brands which make sure you sleep cool!

Quality of Materials/Durability

There are some objective things you can assess the quality of the materials used in each model. Durability, for example, relates to the density of the foams used in the bed. Our intention is to carefully evaluate each material used in each one.


We greatly value brands which take care to design based on environmentally -friendly standards in terms of their processes and materials used. Fortunately, more and more mattresses comply with such rules and become more sensitive to the environmental impact they leave as well as your own health.

Company Reputation

Of the most important features to determine if a mattress is worth investing in, is how the company treats its customers. Things like the company’s trial period, return policy, and overall customer service is critical and a factor you have to beware of, before committing to a particular buy.

Return rate

No company ever publicly discloses their return rate however, we urge the company to let us know this statistic in private so that you know there is a relatively low level of return rate for the product you purchase.

Overall Philosophy

It is not a matter of stating if a mattress is great or sucks, but more of whether if you might like it depending on your sleeping preference and other characteristics you may fancy in a mattress. Ultimately, this is a subjective process however we try to point you towards the right direction rather than impose our views.

Remember, you are the mattress expert when it comes to picking out your mattress and pillows. It is my job to educate you on a few simple tips on checking for back support as well as proper spinal alignment. So you can make sure you find the perfect mattress for you including support, quality, comfort, and price.

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