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WARNING: Insufficient Sleep a public health epidemic

Your mattress is key to helping you be the best version of you. The best Mattress equal the best live. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention has proclaimed insufficient sleep a public health epidemic...and you are not the only victim: your partner. If you suffer from insufficient sleep your partner will undoubted suffer from your res

There are many hidden cost's of missing sleep. Sleep deficit contributes to depression, unattractive, skin aging, weight gain, less sex and relationship dissatisfaction.

There are many ways to improve your sleep. You guest number one is a good mattress. They actually do improve your quality of life.


Sleep together sometimes people think they sleep better alone. However the psychological benefits we get having closeness at night trump the objective cost of sleeping with a partner.

Have sex before bed. Orgasms have been proven to relax your body which can be just what you need to fall asleep.

Adjust the environment to work for both of you.

1. Use a pillow barrier

2 plug the noise problem.

3 use separate blankets

The most imporant thing is to gett more sleep to improve your quality of life.

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