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We are not like your typical mattress stores, we provide you with discount mattresses Portland Oregon where you get the best mattress for you at a discount price. We show you a sample usually a queen mattress as well as showing you how to use and adjustable bed frame. Adjustable beds are our specialty as wells and helping you find the best mattress for you. We only sell new mattresses with warranties Brands so you can get a Sealy mattress, Simmons Beautyrest mattress, Beautyrest Black mattress, the best Sterns & Foster mattress. We carry the best memory foam mattress, hybrid mattress, latex mattress. So basically you get the best mattress for less.

We take the time to show you how to shop for mattresses, to help you get the very best one for you. There is not one mattress that works for everyone, so we take the time to teach you how to shop for you. To many times we become victims of advertising. When truly you are the only one that can tell you whether a mattress works for you. The computers that tell you which is the best one, it is based on averages. You are not average you are unique. So we welcome you to go there and then come and learn how to shop and see which gets you better mattress results.

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