• Sherri HIner

#ThrowbackThursday But it is still the best

Here is a little bit of information for Throwback Thursday. Similar to our four legged friends, in ancient times people slept on straw, the invention of pillows and mattress type pads came with the development of fabrics. Lets fast forward a little bit to the 19th century to Latex mattress that where invented to cope with bed sores.

Latex mattresses did not become really popular until World War I when all steal had to be used for the war effort and they had to stop using steal in mattress and they switched to latex. Latex mattresses are extremely supportive know matter how soft they are. They are an active response and return the energy you give it. Easy to move around on, and pressure is even so you do not develop pressure points and sores. Latex mattresses are loved by those that have them, because they stay consistent in feel, Stay great for 15 to 30 years, help with many medical issues. Latex mattress come in all shapes and sizes, and I believe this Throwback Thursday moment is dedicated to the fact that they still are just as good today as they were 100 years ago as long as you get 100% latex.

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