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Sleeping is Believing-Latex

It is not a secret, that I believe latex mattresses are the best mattress for you. This is for durability, consistency, comfort and support. They give you that mattress firm support while giving the best in the mattress world comfort. Sleeping on a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress is a life-changing experience. Unlike other mattresses, Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses allow your muscles to relax by providing uplifting support and a pressure-less feel. Many describe it as being the same sense of floating, being suspended. It is a difference you can feel.Relaxing your muscles helps relieve stress, manage anxiety, ease stiffness, control blood pressure and boost immunity. Chronic muscle tension uses up energy, which can make you fatigue easier during the day and even lead to insomnia.

It is important that you know the difference between Both Talalay and Memory Foam are marketed as the premium mattress materials, but they are very different.Talalay is a rubber. Memory Foam is a foam, which doesn't provide both support and pressure relief.Talalay is a natural material derived from the rubber tree. Memory foam is a synthetic material and is a petroleum-based product. Talalay has a breathable design and cell structure that provides a temperature neutral environment. Memory foam is a dense material, which needs heat to activate its pressure relieving quality. It usually sleeps warmer.You “sleep on” Talalay and it has an uplifting effect. You “sleep in” memory foam which provides a “sinking” effect.Talalay is a two dimensional material. It is both supportive by being uplifting and is also pressure relieving. Most memory foam mattresses use memory foam in the pressure relief layer and traditional poly foam in the support layer.Talalay is “bottomless.” Even when you lay on your side, your body does not “bottom out” into a hard layer in the mattress or on the foundation. Memory foam allows you to bottom out onto what is underneath it.Talalay is a fast response material. When you move, it immediately responds to your new position. Memory foam is a slow response material.Talalay is hypoallergenic and does not off-gas. Memory foam is a petroleum-based product.Talalay is extremely durable. Because it is vulcanized, it is the most resilient material available in a mattress.Talalay is inherently antibacterial and antifungal.

Pure Talalay Bliss

Made to Withstand

Talalay Latex rubber is extremely durable. In fact, it’s three times more resilient than Dunlop Latex, which is used in some other latex mattresses. The manufacturing process for Talalay Latex is more complex and adds two extra steps to the process, making the feel of the mattress more consistent. Because it is vulcanized, it is the most resilient material available in a mattress.

100% Talalay Latex

We don’t dilute the benefits of Talalay Latex by topping it with fibers, quilting and foam like most mattresses do. Our design maximizes the benefits of Talalay Latex Rubber, such as breathability, mold and mildew resistance and inherent antibacterial qualities. Our five-stage fresh water rinsing processes ensures the latex is as free of proteins as possible.

The Pure Talalay Bliss Advantage

How is Talalay Latex different than Dunlop Latex?

Even though they’re both latex, there are significant differences between our Talalay Latex and Dunlop Latex (Latex Light). They’re manufactured using different processes; it takes 14 hours to make a Talalay Latex mattress core, but less than one hour to make a Dunlop mattress core.

But the most important differences are benefits to you. Here are six ways Talalay better serves you:

  1. Breathability Talalay is FOUR TIMES more breathable than Dunlop Process Latex. Why? 
Talalay is aerated and has a large cell structure. Dunlop Latex is denser latex and has a small cell structure.

  2. Pressure Relief Talalay is 33% more pressure relieving than Dunlop Latex. Why? The vacuum process used in making Talalay stretches like the rubber in a rubber band so it allows your body to sink in. Dunlop Latex is a poured process that creates latex which is less flexible. The rubber is more like the rubber in an eraser.

  3. Durability Talalay is 3 TIMES more resilient than Dunlop Latex. Why? The Talalay process creates a round cell structure. As the material is compressed, a round cell structure does not break itself down. The Dunlop Process creates a snowflake cell structure. As you might imagine, as you compress a snowflake cell structure, the material breaks down.

  4. Consistency Talalay is the same feel at the top of the mattress as the bottom. Dunlop process latex is softer on top and firmer on the bottom. Why? The Talalay process uses flash freezing that prevents the particles from settling after curing. Because there is no freezing in the Dunlop process, particles setting in the latex during curing creating firmness on the bottom.

  5. Clean The Talalay process washes out more proteins (which is a primary cause of latex allergies) than Dunlop Latex. Why? The Talalay process uses a five-stage fresh water rinse process.

  6. Support Talalay provides not only pressure relief, but also support. Why? Talalay is a two dimensional material. It offers support and pressure relief. Dunlop Process Latex is a one-dimensional material. It primarily offers pressure relief similar to foam

It’s important to be able to discern a Talalay mattress from a “mattress with latex in it.” A lot of mattresses categorized as “latex mattresses” are not Talalay. Many contain very little latex (less than 25%) and the design of the mattress either waters down the benefits of latex or dilutes them all together. The law label is a great guide to understand the latex content in any brand mattress. The more Talalay in a mattress, the more support, pressure relief, durability, and resilience it offers.

Only Natural Ingredients

Our Talalay Latex is manufactured by Talalay Global in Connecticut. The manufacturing process doesn’t use solvents and doesn’t damage the ozone layer. Our Talalay Latex is certified by Oeko-Tex to be free of harmful substances or chemicals. The process features natural, biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable resources and water-based raw materials: natural latex, air and water.

Pressure Relief and Support

You “sleep on” a Talalay Latex rubber mattress because it has an uplifting effect, but you “sleep in” other mattresses because they have a sinking effect. Talalay Latex rubber is a two dimensional material because it’s both supportive, by being uplifting, and pressure relieving. The support and pressure relief allow your muscles to relax and prevents tossing and turning.

Invest in your lifestyle

Continue to be active by investing in a mattress that helps to relax muscles and relieve tension.

The above information was provided by Pure Talalay Bliss as well as my heart.

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