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You Should know before you buy.

Just trying to make the mattress world just a little less confusing, however, it is a little more complicated then I want my mattress firm. You need a firm supporting mattress with layers on top that you find comfortable. Although most memory foam mattresses are similar in the sense that their uppermost layer is made of memory foam, there are plenty of other differences that you’ll need to consider in choosing the best memory foam mattress. I know it can be downright annoying to come across the many different complex jargons and labels especially when it comes to mattresses, so I’ll try to keep things simple here. We have 3 different 8 inch mattresses, one costs me double what the other 2 cost. However, If I covered them up you would be able to figure it out with out even looking. You can feel the quality difference.

Just like all mattresses thicknesses that vary anywhere from 6 inches to over 13 inches. Thickness matters for 2 reasons: weight of the user and mattress price.


The rule of thumb here is that a heavier person should use a thicker mattress. Otherwise, if he were to use a mattress that’s too thin for his weight, that’s when the mattress will feel too firm, and thus uncomfortable.


Thicker mattresses tend to cost more, however, in this case, it is the quality of the foams. It is crazy, how you, can tell the difference. Quality if you have them side by side, remember We are compare 3 8 inch mattresses.

It is very rare to find a mattress that’s completely made out of memory foam. Almost all of these mattresses will have multiple layers in them (usually 2-4).

Uppermost comfort layer

The top layer of a memory foam mattress will be made out of, well, memory foam. Despite being very well-received since its inception, some users have claimed that the traditional memory foam tends to feel warmer than other types of mattresses.

This has led to the creation of something called gel-infused memory foam. These newer gel-infused versions supposedly help with air circulation within this top layer itself in order to keep the body cooler.

Middle layers

Some memory foam mattresses actually come with 1-2 additional layers in between the top and bottommost layers. These middle layers offer additional comfort or support. For instance, some mattresses have extra layers of airflow foam to allow even better air circulation for a cooler mattress.

Base support layer

The base layer is usually the thickest of the bunch and consists of higher-density foam solely for the purposes of support. Nothing much to look at here.

A long warranty period is great for 2 reasons. Firstly, it offers peace of mind since you’ll be protected from any potential defects that may arise in the future. Defects such as a sinking mattress or loss in firmness are some of the most common problems that people have faced, even in the most popular brands.

Secondly, it shows confidence on the part of the manufacturer on the quality of its products.

It is important to get good base foam, and more important that it is back by a company that has been around. Always remember if you buy a rolled bed that it is by a company that moves them quickly. So they do not stay rolled for very long. I encourage you to come in and try the 3 8 inch and see if you can tell the difference.

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