• Sherri HIner

Let her sleep!

Our friends over at SleepSavvy Reported that women are getting less and less sleep every night! Ranging from stress to physical discomfort, women aren't getting a full night's rest. As reported over at SleepSavvy, a survey conducted at Thrive global found some interesting, but very shocking, statistics. About 88% of women reported not sleeping regularly throughout the night, 90% explain their sleep is disrupted by physical discomfort, 68% say their sleep is interrupted by stress and anxiety, 67% described regular sounds waking them up, 90% said that they sleep with their phones in the room and 25% had visited a doctor in regards to their sleeping issues. Whether it is a wife, girlfriend, mother, friend, sibling, or relative, we see here that women are reporting lower rates of sleep. Remember this! As sleep savvy says "It's like they say on planes: in the event of an emergency, secure your own oxygen mask first before helping others". While we are all busy running around doing the things we must in life, don't forget to sleep! You need to recharge and get your beauty sleep or you'll be running on little to no energy. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep to ensure you wake up ready to take on another day!

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