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When given the necessary tools, you are the mattress expert

Seriously, WOW! “Find the best mattress for you” was what the title of the consumer report article. I was amazed at how they would know the best mattress for each unique individual. Finding you the perfect mattress, which leads to great sleep and a healthier life, is what I love to do, so I began to read the Consumer report with an eager and open mind within a matter of moments I was frustrated. I have never seen such a twisted case of information.

Their research was flawed in so many ways that I can only touch on a few.

1. They compared a purchase of an online bed that you only compare a bed you hate to one that is new. Which one would I pick?

a. One I hate and has been making me sore

b. A new one

2. An environment where you are comparing multiple beds looking for the perfect one including price. Usually people like to lay on ones that are over budget and fall in love but cannot afford it. So they are extremely critical of their choice.

These two situations do not allow someone to give the same objective type of opinion. Unless they were allowed to take home the one they loved no matter the price. If they have someone help, they find the right bed by educating them on listen to their body not there mind they will be a lot happier.

Issue number 2.

Your major manufacturers have had over a hundred year experience each and all have come to the same conclusion…... everybody is different. Most manufacturers have three or more beds in a line up to accommodate our unique needs. CR(Consumer Report) picked one mattress out of a group and then it try to apply it to everyone. The brands that they liked obviously they picked & there was a mattress that you could have adjust the firmness. The mattresses were all a six or greater on the firmness scale…..the mattresses which obviously they did not want to succeed, they picked the firmest in the series and left out the others in the same series to mislead the consumer in terms of the manufacturer's goal to make different mattresses for different body types, all at the same price…..not quite fair.

Secondly, to compare memory foam to a coil mattress is just ludicrous. There are four completely different sleep systems. Latex which by all means is the most Superior in my opinion. Memory foam that includes hybrid and foam based. Coils which have been around for a long time. And we will group Water and Air.

Customer satisfaction should only be compared when it is evidence that they have been fit to what seems to be the right mattress for them. The consumer as a whole is at a disadvantage unless the sales person teaches them how to select a mattress to support their back, side, and support them if they're on their stomach. The consumer should not you have to use pillows or wedges to force themselves into the right position the mattress on its own Merit should do all of that. The mattress should be as supportive as when your knees are bent when you're lying on the ground. I am not saying you should sleep with your knees bent but the feeling that you have when you bend your knees while lying on the floor we have equal pressure across your back. That's what the right mattress should feel like, the fact of the matter is none of our spines are exactly the same so each bed will fit everybody different.

CR talks about how to buy online you can get away from pushy salespeople false promises and a whole bunch of crap, fact of the matter is is when you buy online you have an ignorant opinion because you only are comparing to a mattress you hate you lay on the bed that you absolutely do not like and then you lay on your new bed and I promise you any bed is going to feel better than your old bed. At that point people are happy for about 90 and 26 months and then you see how many of those beds are online trying to be sold on Craigslist and offer up and all the other places that you can sell things. Can the consumer needs to realize with memory foam or foam beds or gel foam beds the feel that you have it first will only get softer so if it's just right it's probably going to get too soft and it is very important that when you're in a showroom you lay on mattresses that have been broken Smiley or have been out of the bag for a while so that you can compare and make sure that it is the feel that you're going to want in a few months. Memory foam as a whole usually will not sag unless the foundation underneath is sagging you will always remember to rise up, the quality of memory foam will decide how long the mattress will have the feel that you tried in the store or in your bedroom once it arrives. My favorite quote is one that my son made you can't Crush quality when talking about a mattress so equality mattress one that's built to last one that will have minimal body Impressions one that will be consistent across the board most likely will not go in a bag. When reading these warranties for the bed in the bag I start laughing cuz one has like a lifetime warranty which if you read it it takes it down to almost nothing and fact of the matter is as you have to put it back in the bag that it came so in 15 years or you still going to have the same packaging we have wanted to store it for 15 years

Will they still be doing business under the same name or same entity? Mattresses like Sealy and Simmons have been around for a long time and will continue to be around for a long time, sometimes or great sometimes they're okay but fact of the matter is there always there to back up their product. If the consumer wants to buy online they can these are beds that they can buy online too. It's not going to come crushed up in a bag but they can buy from a retailer or an online retailer and have it delivered to their home.

Seriously WOW! It made me just jump up and scream out of frustration it was flawed in so many ways, but the obvious 2 errors in the report was that it was based on 2 different circumstances.

1. A bed in a box you are only comparing to a mattress you don’t like.

2. A mattress you try in a store, there is a selection, which if you are not totally confident you will continue to question your decision usually comparing to a mattress that is outside of your budget.

They conveniently selected a bed that was on the hard side from all your major manufactures. They did not represent the product as it was designed.

There coil systems are not even remotely the same. Some prefer pocketed and some prefer wire tied. The way your body is shaped will help you figure it out.

Bed in a box has been around and in the stores for a long time, fact is when comparing them to the other mattresses, they are usually not the one selected. In a retail store they are substantial less expensive.

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