• Sherri HIner

Which is bigger a Double or full mattress?

Double mattress size and full mattress size are the same. If you type double mattresses near me, you will limit your full size mattress selection of mattress stores in my area. Many people make the mistake of thinking a full size mattress, measuring 54” wide and 75” long sleeps two comfortably. However, a full mattress is more ideally well-matched for sleeping for one person, since when you divide the full mattress size in two; it’s only as wide as a typical crib mattress. A lot of people that are limited on space yet a twin size mattress is too small. In this case a full size is great, they sleep at an angle and sleep comfortable without hanging off the end of the bed. Check out affordable full bed mattress options, including many on sale right now. Full beds are the most common hotel room beds—even when queens are advertised.

If you want to find a mattress we have a great collection of Full size Mattresses at Sherri’s Mattress Showcase.Bargains, your Portland mattress shop. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Mattresses products, while receiving the luxury of laying on them and comparing to find the best mattress for you. Followed by customer service delivery, haul away your old set and we handle any warranty issues for you. I look forward to meeting you, and hopefully we can earn your business.

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