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Throwback Thursdays for Mattresses

Our need to be comfortable has existed ever since the beginning of humankind. The transition of mattresses through history is an interesting look at what we humans have deemed comfortable at different stages of our existence. Here, we take a look at mattresses through history, and see how they have evolved into the mattresses we sleep on today.

The earliest mattresses

During the Neolithic period, makeshift mattresses made out of mixed leaves, straw, and grass covered with animal skin were the first signs of making life more comfortable for our ancestors. This remained the operational mattress for about 400 years, until lush waterbeds made of goatskin filled with water became common in Persia.

African developments

Archeologists trace the development of the mattress to Africa. Ancient Egyptians made makeshift mattress structures from palm boughs and new mattresses in Rome, built out of clothes, wool, reeds, and straw succeeded these temporary mattress structures. After this, the European Renaissance marked a revolution in mattress manufacturing. Mattresses became softer and more comfortable with the use of velvet fabrics known as brocades. By the 17th century, mattress fillings such as straw and feathers and pea shucks were seen in those houses that could afford them. In addition to this, the first mattress manufactured in modern society came into existence during this time. It consisted of stuffed straw and soft wood and materials rich in fibre such as coconut fibres, cotton, wool, and even horsehair. These were initially only available in the richest of homes.

Spring mattresses

The situation further improved in the 19th century with the discovery and use of springs to allow for even distribution of weight for better sleep. The springs also act as shock absorbers, stretching the lifeline of the mattress. Research reveals that a quality mattress can result in better sleep, reduced stress, and less back pain. Studies also show that when sleeping on a quality mattress, people experience better sleep and significantly reduced stress levels.

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