• Sherri HIner

Live life

Sometimes, it is hard to breath, listen to laughter, talking to people, or do anything that we would, on a normal day, find fun. I quess at the end of my life, I want to be able to answer the question (Scott Wyse asked me a few years back) with a loud "Yes".

Scott was my attorney, and when he had to tell me it was time to give it up, I broke down into an overwhelming crying sobbing mess. Scott got up and got me a box of Klennex and water and sat back down and interupted my crying and and asked me "How was the ride?"

I said "what?"

"The ride that got you where you are today?" Scott repeated.

I was a little frustrated because I was busy feeling sorry for myself.

He proceed to say, "Alot of people get to retirement or to even there death bed and can't remember how they got there, can't remember driving home from work, don't really remember anything good just basiclly that they were here".

I thought for a moment and then as the tears rolled down my face, I began laughing... Laughing about the Christmas Parties, about the practical jokes, about watching people make their own dreams come true. The kids being born, kids going off to college, yes the families that let me be appart of there life. The customers that took me under their wing to tell me everything that was wrong with me.

My answer was "It was great, It was a great ride."

I realized I would never love the great times so much if I had not had bad times, Scott's words will always ring in my ears.

It is important that we live Life, not move through it. Some times I am so affraid of the out come, that I do not make choices to move forward. When I remember how fun it is to enjoy life, it makes it easier to make the choices to move forward.

I guess this is not really anything about mattresses, other then I love what I do, I love helping people, and I always feel like I help saving the world one bed at a time.

Please remember, you are worth more then just existance. You are worth living.

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