• Sherri HIner

Mattress Couples Counseling

It does not have to be and uncomfortable situation when it comes down to selecting the right mattress. Each couple should come in with an open mind when it comes to select the perfect mattress. A lot of people like to look at reviews before they come in, one thing is for sure, reviews are great, when it comes to quality and customers service, not so good when it comes to picking the right mattress for you. So remember there is not better person to pick out the right mattress then you, when it comes to your own sleep system. Believe it or not, most couples will end up liking the same mattress (could be the adaption thing but usually they do, unless they have already decided they won’t). The only thing that I cannot help with is your budget.

What you must know before you come in:

  • You must know how much will keep you both in a comfort zone and if you are willing to finance your purchase. Our just want to pay it off right away.

  • If the mattress is not working for one of you, it is not working for either one of you.

  • Be open minded, because usually they don’t like the bed at home so they want to go the extreme opposite forgetting the loved it for the first 8 years.

When you arrive, it will save everyone time if you go through how to test for support and then we go for comfort. If a mattress does not offer you proper support then never lay on it again. If we establish it is not the correct support for one of you, you should not try to convince yourself otherwise. If one of you is harder to please then the other, (we both know it is your significant other) they can do all the talking, but fact of the matter both guest need to find the perfect on for them. I show you how to test for support and comfort.

According to the Better Sleep Council

One in three Americans report that their partners sleep problems keep them form dozing peacefully. Sadly but true, 1 in 3 fantasizes about smothering their snoring partner with a pillow. One in 3 scooch over to the edge of the bed to avoid the errant flick of a foot. One in three throws the blankets of because of sweat while the other huddles under a pile of blankets. That is a lot of craziness. It is not uncommon for one to go sleep elsewhere, if not every night at least some nights. It is about 25% of the couples that sleep apart. Which if there is any way to sleep together we think it is worth it. It is bonding time.

If one is a hot sleeper and the other is a cool sleeper, Keep your room between 60 and 68 degrees, however and an electric blanket to one side (twin size) or just an extra blanket. Make sure all bedding and cloths are breathable. It will help both of you stay at a more constant temperature. If night kicking or toughing is a problem get a larger mattress.

If your partner is a snorer, most likely it affects their sleep also. So for both of your sake, go get a sleep test to see if you need a cpap or use mouth guard, nasal spray, nasal strips, or buy a anti snore pillow. If none of those works, then the non-snoring partner can use ear plugs.

If size is a problem then get a larger size bed, not a different partner. I suppose if you try everything and it does not work then sleep in different beds but take time to cuddle.

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