• Sherri HIner

I promise it's going okay....just put your phone down.

According to an article written by our fellow sleep enthusiasts over at Sleep Savvy, Bank of America found the nearly three quarters (71%) of people who own smartphones sleep with them nearby. As if that weren't surprising enough, 35% of their participants also reported that checking their smartphone was the first thing they did in the morning. 10% of those participants also stated that the reason being was because of their significant others. Similar to people looking forward to being on their phone in the morning, more than half (57%) of people claimed to check their phone once every hour! How are you going to go to sleep if you're always checking your phone??? You won't be able to. There has been tons of researched conducted on the effects of phone usage before and during the recommended sleep times. It's been proven that the light it gives off keeps you awake longer....yes even those who have "night mode".

While loosing sleep is already terrible for your body and mind, it creates a little problem called not being able to clearly read facial expressions. A study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that people are more likely to interpret friendly or neutral faces as "threatening" when sleep deprived. That wouldn't be good in a work place! Start your day off right being able to read your own facial expression in your bedroom!

In addition, as normal humans would do when they can't sleep or are sleep deprived, people take sleeping pills. While they are effective for the majority of people, there is a very huge variable that most people don't think of. A new study reports that even after their effects have worn off, sleeping pills increase accident risks as much as having too much to drink!

I know it seems simple and easy to just be on your phone at night, but it's also very important to think about everything that goes into it. It's not just having to deal with being tired in the morning checking your twitter account, it's about your well being and being cautious of the well being of those around you. Whether it's being able to read someone's facial expression correctly, giving your body the right amount of sleep it needs, or avoiding car accidents, it's more than safe to say that putting your phone down is OK.

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