• Sherri HIner

Your mom was right....you probably should make your bed!

According to our fellow sleep enthusiasts over at Restonic, your mom had a point when she always told you to make your bed! According to a 68,000 people survey conducted by Hunch.com, 59% of people don't make their beds, 27% do, and a luxurious 12% have their housekeepers do it for them. While the majority of people don't make their beds, great esteem and hygiene benefits stem from doing the world's oldest chore.

You probably don't know this, but BBC reported that most people think keeping their bed untidy is healthy for them. This is false! By keeping your bed tidy, neat, and in a tight environment, it doesn't allow moisture and mites to get in. Bugs or mites that people deem harmful or disgusting form in those warm, open environments.

Honestly, how long does it really take to make your bed? A couple minutes, maybe even just one minute? According to Hunch.com's article mentioned above, those who reported they make their bed every morning claimed they felt more accomplished after. The tidy types also reported that they were more happy with their jobs, lives, and health. Just think about that, a couple of minutes could really change your day, and maybe even your demeanor!

It might be a little hectic at first, but there are 5 important reasons to make your bed.

1. Appearance matters – For the best sleep, a neat, pulled-together bedroom is more conducive to sleep than a space that looks like a troop of monkeys went to town on your bed.

2. Keep it clean – If you have pets that like to sleep on your bed during the day, making your bed keeps the smell of their hair and dander off your sheets.

3. Practice makes perfect – The more you make your bed, the easier it will become if done on a daily basis. In 30 seconds flat, your bed will look mom-approved.

4. Sleep better – Experts are big on bedtime rituals to ensure better rest. Turning down your bed can be part of that. It’s a nice touch that some hotels offer, so why not do it for yourself at home? Put a mint on your pillow for that staycation vibe!

5. Tame the chaos – If you start with a clean slate, i.e. a made bed, your sheets, blankets and duvet will be neater even with the tossing and turning of you and your beloved. A mid-night battle for the blankets is bad enough. Start with an even playing field with an organized, neat bed.

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