• Sherri HIner

The American Dream is Back!

I am so excited, a recent national Survey* reveals that members of generation Z are “American Dreamers”. They are highly self-directed, demonstrated a strong desire to work for themselves, study entrepreneurship and they want to design their own programs of study in college to get them where they want to be. According to the survey, 63% of the respondents said they want to be educated in a manner that will help them follow this dream prosperously. Nearly three out of four (72%) felt that colleges should allow students to design their course of study or major. Exciting to ready, 42% expect to work for themselves at some point, nearly four times higher than the actual percentage of self-employed Americans. African-Americans (60%) and Hispanics (59%) both of these are way higher than the overall percentage. So to quote a song "keep on Dreaming".

There is a strong since of financial anxiety, and this has created a desire to be more financially educated and to obtain real-world experience. 85% said they want to be taught practical skills in college such as financial planning and saving for the future, while 79% believe their college education should include some form of professional experience such as internship.

Generation Z is on the rise and wants to take charge of their own lives and financial future. Contrary to the prevailing opinion about technology only 15% prefer to interact online, and 38% said they make most of their purchases online.

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*the study in formation was provided by Boston’s Northeaster University & Sleep Savvy.

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