• Sherri HIner

What deprives us of a great night’s sleep?

Men and women are affected differently by sleep disorders.

According to research, women are more likely than men to have more severe conditions due to sleepiness and tiredness such as depression, trouble sleeping at night, excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating and remembering things. This is a huge reason; male snoring was more likely than female snoring to force bed partners to sleep in different rooms.

Money woes sabotage a great night’s sleep. According to a survey by CreditCards.com financial insomnia is the highest it’s ever been since the great Recession.

Netflix’s biggest competition is sleep. Even with Amazon, YouTube, Hulu and others vying for audiences, Netflix says the real competition is the need for rest. According to April 19 USA Today Article. People may get hooked on a show and watch late into the night but “we are really competing with the Sleep” he says.

We are sure the constant need to be playing with our phones or pads has not changed much in the way it disturbs our sleep. We highly recommended putting your phone in the other room. The loss of a great night’s sleep is the # 1 reason, for the equivalent of about 1.23 million working days. This is due to insufficient sleep.

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