• Sherri HIner

Stay aware!

With the amazing change in weather lately, we've seen the sun start coming out more and more everyday. While this is very exciting and a relief after all the rain, hail, snow and crazy weather we've had so far this year, there are still a couple things this sunny weather can bring. One thing to look out for is any type of dust mite or any "mite". This warm weather is when dust mites peak in multiplying. Although the time they're supposed to be most prominent is in fall and winter, right now is a vital time to stop them from multiplying, or just making sure to keep your mattress and bedroom as clean as possible. A couple things you can do to prevent or minimize the presence of dust mites or any type of mites is wash bedding weekly, vacuum your bedroom weekly, keep humidity low, and get rid of excessive clutter in your bedroom. I know it seems like common sense, but a lot of people just push it to the side and say they'll do it next week! Don't be that person. Make sure you're taking care of your bedroom constantly. We would hate for you to have a miserable summer full of allergies and cleaning!

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