• Sherri HIner

Don't be complacent!

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As humans, we tend to be satisfied with anything that isn't horrendous or killing us. I actually learned this when I was in High School. It's common sense of course, but as you can tell by paying attention to everything around you, we as humans are obsessed with negativity for some reason. Don't be that person! More often than not, I have people that come in to the store telling my family and me that they need any mattress that isn't the one they have at home? Why? Because it's horrid, and obviously, they need a new one. So when they come in, they are satisfied with whatever they lay on. I'm going to tell you the same thing I told them....don't do this! Don't be complacent. Take your time to find the mattress you love. We know you're coming to find a new mattress because your old one sucks! Don't rush to find a new one. Take your time to figure out how to shop for a mattress, how to tell if you're body likes it, find the right budget for your lifestyle and find the type of mattress YOU love. Don't fall for all that online hype....you can't feel the bed like that anyways. If you try.....your phone's going to end up looking like this....

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