• Sherri HIner

Don't get caught in the hype!

Awe you've fallen into the realm of online shopping and the hype that comes with it :(.....Do me a favor really quick, if you "know" you're going to like the mattress, why not just try it? Put your phone down, lay on phone...*pause*..comfy isn't it? Wait! Print a picture of the mattress and lay on it! NO NO NO. Don't give in to the hype of online shopping and the stigma around it. The fact of the matter is, you won't know what anything online feels like unless you try it in person first. That is the rule of thumb when buying online. Try before you buy! Just because it looks like an amazing deal and has some positive reviews doesn't necessarily mean that the product is good. Everyone is different and we all live different lifestyles, so we are all going to have different things that accommodate to our bodies and lives. While finding great deals is always an amazing feeling, sometimes going out to actually try the mattress is worth the extra buck. Of course this won't apply everywhere. Some places you'll have mattresses way out of your price range, but there's always one store you can rely on. HERE! OUR STORE! MATTRESSSHOWCASE.BARGAINS! When going into a brick and mortar store you'll probably end up paying 1/3 or 1/2 of the price you saw online. We strongly emphasize you do your research and actually try mattresses before you buy them. When your mattress isn't supporting you it'll only feel good for three months or so. We want you to have long term satisfaction! Find one that will support you day in and day out over the next 10 years. It's a really intimate part of your life that everything in your daily life revolves around. Your sleep, mood, energy and so fourth. So please invest the time and money in yourself, you deserve it!

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