• Sherri HIner

Enjoy your Fridays, but love your Mondays!

Whoooooo! The day we've all been waiting for...Friday! Get your body and mind ready to be stress free and relaxed for the weekend. Due to the recent weather, staying in has become easier than usual. The comfy beds, the hot cocoa, & the warm fire places make us want to stay in and sit back all weekend, but we shouldn't! Go out and try new things instead. Try new things, get out of your normal comfort zone and live through new experiences. I know, you're probably tired and somewhat glad you get to stay home all weekend, but make the effort. Starting small and putting in effort will get you a long way. Maybe you start by trying that new food cart you were talking about earlier in the week, or maybe you start by finally getting around to that spot in the house that needs repairing. See, the goal is to be productive every single day. Whether it's a lot, or a little, you're keeping your mind busy and always thinking. Something as simple as this will allow you to grow as a person. If it's something you enjoy doing, do it! If it's something you want to learn to enjoy, do it! The results will come and show within your attitude and how your approach new tasks and situations. You may even innovate new ways to handle things at work by doing this! Don't stop looking towards the holy grail of Fridays, but learn to love the humble Mondays. See, if there was no Monday, you wouldn't get to Friday, or maybe it wouldn't even exist. If you didn't go through that cliche Monday havoc, you wouldn't learn to enjoy and cherish Fridays.

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