• Sherri HIner

Portland Mattress Shoppers

I have spent a couple of days looking at the "bed in a box" and "bed in a bag" mattress thing (online purchase). Wow! They literally are twice to 3 times as much then when you come to my store. One is all 10 inches poly Foam no specialty foam and is running 800 for a queen mattress. This is not something we would sell you, but there are a few convenience stores that will sell it to you for 219. Our 10 inch with fast acting Gel-memory with a choice of firmness is $449. We can fedex it if you for free, but you need to realize that all mattress are not created equal. If a bed has convoluted foam upside down or right side up it will change the feel of the bed, however, it will brake down faster then any other foam.

As your friends will tell you, we do not try to sell you a bed we try to find you the perfect night sleep, which means the best price on a mattress that fits you. Know one can sleep if you they are spending to much not can they last on a mattress that does not support their body shape. We will help you find a mattress in your price range that contours to support you. It takes us 3 minutes to teach you how to select a mattress, in the first minute you will realize not all beds will support you (and I mean you) because everyone is different.

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