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I believe mattresses are one of the single most important products you can buy or sell. Knowing the importance and actual effect of deep, restorative sleep, I have maintained through all these years a passion to help those in the Portland mattress market, choose to invest in and sleep on comfortable, supportive, quality mattresses. When the customer is comfortable with purchase, it is a win all the way around.

A mattress purchase is such an uncomfortable experience for most people. They feel vulnerable laying in front of others. It most people think they know nothing about mattresses so they get online look for the perfect mattress for them, when in all actuality they are reading about what the perfect mattress is for everyone else. You are truly the only one that can tell us which is the right mattress by laying on them. We have perfected the way help you use the messages from you body to select find the picture-perfect mattress for you, in every price range.

When shopping:

!. Make sure it has consistent support across entire back side. We show you how.

2. On your side. (make sure to watch for signals of whether it is to soft or to firm. No pressure between the knees.

3. Stomach, make sure it does not agitate your pressure points chest, hips and knees.

4. Make sure it is with in the price range you feel comfortable.

People get confused and think “most expensive is the best”, everyone’s body style is different what effects your sleep is different yet they trust reviews about comfort from other people. Our job is to guide you when you answer a few questions. Mattress Showcase.Bargains we teach you how to be in control of finding the perfect mattress for you. When we show you how to test for support, test for comfort, it will teach you how to minimize you spending in this process.

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