• Sherri HIner

Re-Energize Sleep tip

To help enure you get the most out of your sleep, about thirty minutes before bed, unplug entirely so you can re-energize yourself — that means your computer, phone, and even e-reader should all be turned off. Many experts suggest keeping technology out of your bedroom completely. However if you can not part with them, make sure to turn off your computer and phone before it's time to get ready for bed — the glow as well as the annoying cherp or ding can disrupt the depth and quality of your sleep.

As one of the leading Portland Mattress Stores, we at Mattress Showcase.Bargains would love to say the best mattress will provide you with the most incredible nights sleep of your life, However, there are many factors in getting the best nights sleep for you. Re-charging you as well as your electronics separately will help both retain the charge the next day.

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