• Sherri HIner

Extra Extra buying the best!

Latex is simply the best of every mattress. Yous spend 1/3 of your life in bed. If you don't have a great night's sleep then it affects the other 2/3rds of your life. Latex is an active sleep system, it reacts to every move you make by providing uplifting, contouring support, exceptional pressure point relief at any level of comfort and a more breathable sleep surface. This provides better circulation which brings more oxygen to the muscles resulting in less interrupted sleep. Latex beds are inherently responsive: it senses body weight and provide gentle support and conformance.

Latex is also compression resistant, offering unsurpassed pressure relief and resilience. Latex allows for spinal alignment which relaxes muscles. This allows you to relieve tension and stress. This is crucial to a refreshing night's sleep. You'll get a great night sleep knowing you are looking out for our planet because Latex is nature.

It's benefits are as follows:


Mold &mildew resistant

Dust might free



Natural Product

Extremely durable

Open Cell structure allows air to flow

Promotes tension relief & muscle relaxation

Promotes proper spinal alignment

No break-in period

No Odor

We have been selling mattresses in Portland mattress stores for over 20 years, we are starting over with the same great servous, our first Gresham mattress store is worth the drive.

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