Your best mattress, down to the core!

Ever wonder what's inside a mattress? 

Whether you're shopping for a mattress and want knowledge prior to purchasing or just want to learn, we're going to get down to the core of mattresses. 

Mattress Showcase.Bargains is the best mattress store! With the widest selection available, we make the mattress world less confusing. We have educated ourselves so you can get the best sleep in the country. Keeping with family tradition, we have redefined low prices. The type of support you pick for your mattress will affect your life in every way. The support system will affect your neck, shoulders, hips, back, legs, feet`, and the cost of your new mattress. Great news! You don’t necessarily have to buy the best to get the perfect mattress for you.

Correct support is crucial for a healthy body. It is primarily provided through the “core” of your mattress, which may be innerspring, foam, air, or water. It is also delivered through the box spring or foundation under the mattress.  A good mattress and box spring will support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same figure as a person with good standing posture. When you’re trying a mattress, make sure the heaviest parts of your body; your hips, shoulders and lower back have adequate support. If you don’t you may develop back pain. However, if a mattress is too firm, you may experience uncomfortable pressure.

The right mattress for a great night’s sleep is the one that meets your personal needs for comfort and support. But before you start shopping for a new mattress, you will need to know some bedding basics. Here is some general mattress information on the basic of choices available, it will be easier to choose the right bed for you—and get a great night’s sleep.

Five basic types of mattress cores these are Innerspring, Polyurethane, Latex, Airbeds, and Waterbeds. They may be made up of a single layer of material or several layers made of different materials. It is important not to confuse what is needed for pressure relief with what is needed for spinal alignment as these two functions are interconnected but separate. Pressure relief is connected to the "softness" of the comfort layers and spinal alignment is connected to the "firmness" of the support layers and making one firmer or softer in the hopes of improving the other will rarely be successful.

So....which one is the best?

It would be great if anyone could tell you, without a doubt which is the best, if money is no object, I would say latex.  However, in the world today, money seems to still be a huge objection when it comes to Mattresses, that point taken to count, we will stand behind the fact that each core has its pros and cons.  It is different for every person.  We can tell you for sure people come in after reading things on the internet, and after a comfort test leave with a different type of mattress then they knew they wanted.

Finding the best option among today's top-rated mattresses is easier said than done. Shopping for a mattress should be easy, but as we all seem to be victims of advertising and frankly the internet, it gets darn right confusing. Innerspring mattresses are still viable options, with top innerspring models right up there with the rest in terms of durability and comfort. However, most top-selling models these days are memory foam mattresses, thanks to a very extensive advertising campaign start by Tempur-pedic (great bed fyi), then others have followed suit.  Customers come in swearing they want it, and then sell themselves on something else.

Pocketed(wrapped) coil

A Pocketed Coil mattress is a grouping of independent coils wrapped in a fabric casing and joined together with either glue, fabric or thread. Focusing on the tempering and gauge of the coil, there is a wide range of durability for mattresses of this type. These mattresses, conform better to your body than mattresses using other styles of coil. It's terrific for pressure point relief if you are a side sleeper (60% of people are). Mattresses using this coil also dampen the transfer of motion from side to side.  The down side of this style of coil is that it is less durable for someone that is above average weight. More wear and tear is put on the coils where you are the heaviest, and therefore the foam directly below you. Body impressions are very common with this style of mattress, especially when the product is not on a solid foundation. Being able to vary the coils that you sleep on will maximize the life of this support system. Budget $399-1899 for a Queen Set.

Polyurethane Foam

Most bedding lines start with a piece of Polyurethane foam, usually about 5 inches in depth. This mattress is designed for a child when you get up to the 6 inch you are a little better off. Cost range between $199-$299 for a twin set & you probably should not pay more than $299 for a queen.

Memory Foam Mattresses - When they get fancy they ad memory foam on top and it can get up to $10,000. These have great base foam with memory foam or latex on top.

Coil Mattresses

An innerspring mattress is great for support and also helps keeps cost down.  There are different types that elevate in price.  Some coils are tempered some are not I always use the paper clip as an example.  Coils sleep cooler, they are the second best support system on the market.  Usually your foams will get impressions before the coils do. Cost range from $249 all the way to $60,000.  It just depends on the toppings.


Sleeping is believing!  Saving the best for last, Latex mattresses “offer bottomless” pressure relief for your body.  It last the longest.   Latex is an active response system, it gives uplifting support for your body. Talalay Latex is resilient natural rubber construction will last twice if not 3 times longer than a coil or memory foam mattress.  It is healthier by design, naturally breathable so it dissipates body heat, it is naturally mold and mildew proof, which helps with sneezing and wheezing it you have asthma.  Talalay latex is dust mite resistant, antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t off gas.  Latex naturally isolates movement so you will feel less of your partners movement. It has and active support system, which contours, conforms, and re-energize your body for the next day and for years to come. Budget $999-5999 for a Queen Set.