the best Nights sleep If you are considering a latex mattress, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at these. PROS 1. Exceptionally comfortable. It is an active response system, supporting your body with the same amount of energy that you give it. A latex mattress delivers ultimate comfort. As you lay down on a latex mattress, first you feel a soft sinking feeling, followed immediately by a buoyant supportive responsiveness (this is the active support). This is due to the natural springiness of latex, and it feels incredibly comfortable. 2. Helps pain relief. Latex mattresses are the perfect choice for those with back pain or joint pain. Most health aut

Connection Between Hydration and Sleep

THE CONNECTION BETWEEN HYDRATION AND SLEEP You probably realize that there is a level of hydration can affect the way they feel and function throughout the day. Not having enough fluids can make you sluggish, irritable, and not performing your best. Your hydration also plays a critical role in how well (or not) you sleep at night. It is important that we understand the impact of your daily fluid intake on your nighttime slumber will go a long way to improving the quality of your sleep. Dehydration’s Negative Effects If you go to bed mildly dehydrated, it can disrupt your sleep. Surprised? Dehydration causes your mouth and nasal passages to become dry, setting you up for sleep-disruptive sno

DIY Keeping Cool

DIY Keeping Cool It is crazy that it is getting hot so early, however, we need to figure out how to keep it cool, and you will feel like a DIY champ, too. Keep your cool, and… Cover your windows This tip is simple, up to 30% comes from your windows, and utilizing shades, curtains and the like can save you up to 7 percent on bills and lower indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Keeping the windows covered essentially prevents your home from becoming a miniature greenhouse, which is especially with south and west facing windows. The best way is blackout curtains. Blackout curtains block sunlight, naturally insulating the rooms in which they’re installed. Consumer Reports recommends neutral-

Cathedral Park Jazz Festival

As crazy as everything has gotten, I believe, one thing we all can agree on, is we have great talent in our community when it comes to music. This is a free event, that brings many people together. We are looking forward to a day of Portland Mushball (go Parkball) followed by this event. Jazz is a music that is celebrated by a variety of people. The Jazz Society’s Cathedral Park Jazz Festival is a FREE concert open to the public and held over three days in mid-July at Cathedral Park at the base of the St. Johns bridge in the Cathedral Park neighborhood of Portland. Now in its 38th year, the festival is the longest running jazz and blues festival west of the Mississippi River. The Festiv

#ThrowbackThursday But it is still the best

Here is a little bit of information for Throwback Thursday. Similar to our four legged friends, in ancient times people slept on straw, the invention of pillows and mattress type pads came with the development of fabrics. Lets fast forward a little bit to the 19th century to Latex mattress that where invented to cope with bed sores. Latex mattresses did not become really popular until World War I when all steal had to be used for the war effort and they had to stop using steal in mattress and they switched to latex. Latex mattresses are extremely supportive know matter how soft they are. They are an active response and return the energy you give it. Easy to move around on, and pressure is

Does Tea Help?

Water is the most popular drink worldwide, followed by Tea. Americans love their tea, 80 percent of us drink tea, and 50 percent do so on a daily basis. It is a great substitute for coffee, it offers a similar boosts in alertness to, but with less caffeine, so it interferes less with sleep and can be enjoyed later in the day than the typical 2pm cutting off point for coffee drinkers. People often wonder if the “bedtime” or Sleepy time” teas actually work. Do bedtime teas really work? There is a calming aspect to sipping a warm beverage in your favorite cup before dozing off. Drinking tea before bed is tends to be soothing for most. It has a comparable effect of taking a warm bath before be

Here are some random facts

As I am sure you have figured out, my life revolves around the mattress world, so any random information involves mattresses and sleep. So hear are a few facts from National Sleep Foundation. But we're not restricting this information to our 25 closest friends. Share it with everyone you know! A human is the only mammal that willingly delays sleep. The higher up in altitude, the greater the sleep disruption. If you are 13,200 feet or more Sleep disturbance becomes greater. The disturbance is thought to be caused by diminished oxygen levels and accompanying changes in respiration. Most people adjust to new altitudes in approximately two to three weeks. Exercise is key in so many ways. If yo

The Heat

SLEEPING WHEN IT IS HOT It is important to get great sleep and it is our mission to help you. All though there are many different solutions in the mattress world, it is sometimes important to get down the basics. The National Sleep Foundation is the source for some very simple suggestions. Let’s face it, we are experiencing a heat wavy, and for the first time many people are having trouble sleeping because it is just too hot. Studies have shown that there seems to be an ideal temperature for sleep and when this temperature is very high, it takes longer to fall asleep, and once sleep is achieved, it is broken up or fragmented and there is less dreaming. Here are some helpful tips. What y


As you may assume, my life revolves around the mattress world, and making sure everyone get the best mattress possible but ultimately it is about you getting the best night’s sleep possible and saving the world one mattress at a time. I read this article and thought it is important for you to know. (The source is Sleepy Drowsy driving is a common – and often deadly – danger on our roads. It occurs when you are too tired to remain alert while behind the stirring wheel. As a result you may struggle to stay focused on the road and fail to practice safe driving techniques. Feeling drowsy makes you easily sidetracked. As hard as you may try you may be unable to f

Sleeping is Believing-Latex

It is not a secret, that I believe latex mattresses are the best mattress for you. This is for durability, consistency, comfort and support. They give you that mattress firm support while giving the best in the mattress world comfort. Sleeping on a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress is a life-changing experience. Unlike other mattresses, Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses allow your muscles to relax by providing uplifting support and a pressure-less feel. Many describe it as being the same sense of floating, being suspended. It is a difference you can feel.Relaxing your muscles helps relieve stress, manage anxiety, ease stiffness, control blood pressure and boost immunity. Chronic muscle tension uses

Tuft & Needle DIY

People keep asking me questions about the mattress world which I am happy to answer. So we did some research in home much it would cost you to build this one yourself. For those that want there mattress firm, it will stay firm for a while. Then it will get softer and softer over time. *Note because this mattress (the one you are making) would not be vacuumed sealed and smashed it will last a little longer and stay a little more consistent. The Tuft & Needle mattress is a simple construction of two foam layers used to create a general feel. When I first take a look at the layers of the mattress I notice that the feel of the mattress is going to be heavily influenced by the comfort layer,

They bought 3 online mattress and this is what CNBC Thinks

Our mission is to make the mattress world a little less confusing, there is also more to shopping the just saying you want your mattress firm. Remember you want firm support but comfortable. One of the hot trends in home furnishing these days is buying foam mattresses online. Companies like Leesa, Casper and Tuft & Needle are three of the biggest in the space. People order them online, and the mattresses get sent to your door, in a giant box, spreading out right before your eyes. But what's the deal here? Are these mattresses worth the money? Can you return the mattress if you don't like it? We checked it out. We ordered one twin mattress from each of the three companies and considered a f


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