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When looking for a mattress stores to buy the best mattress (matress / bed mattress) I suggest come see me (Sherri Hiner). However, First thing we should know to limit any confusion while looking at mattresses is know if you want a twin mattress, Full mattress, queen mattress or king mattress. I would use the mattress size chart to narrow this down. The queen size mattress dimensions seem so close to the other mattress sizes especial RV mattress, but sometimes inches matter. The mattress world is always changing so people go to mattress reviews. I ask you to please only read them as far as quality. No one else can tell you which bed is the right one for you. If you get caught up in t

In Healthy Relationship Size Matters

Years of sitting in the mattress store has given me (Sherri Hiner) time to think about life and many other things. Funny enough in my life (as the Mattress Lady) everything revolves around mattresses. So subsequently, when reading an article about long lasting relationships and the art of touch, I knew somehow the mattress world had something to do with people touching or not touching. So I began my research in to the demise of relationships, mattress size history, and its correlation. To get the data, I went to the source, people. Each customer was asked the uncomfortable question about size and duration. It lead me to my final conclusion size makes a difference in the quality and dur

What is your favorite position?

We care about the REST of your life, so you can live the best of your life. Having the perfect mattress is very important, how you sleep is also important for sleep health. No matter how you sleep, it is important to make sure that the mattress supports your back perfectly so if you have to sleep on your back it does not aggravate you’re your condition. So the question is, do you sleep on your back, side, or tummy? If you are pregnant, sore, or have certain medical conditions, you may have to sleep in certain positions to be comfortable. Sleeping the wrong way can cause or aggravate neck or back pain. 1.On Your Back Sleeping on your back is the healthiest way to sleep. Though it’s not t

Review of Memory Foam Myths

The internet is filled with so many MYTHS about Memory Foam mattresses, and as with most myths, they usually evolve from a bit of truth that gets inflated or taken out of context. We will take a look at the most popular memory foam mattress myths, their backgrounds, and the facts to cut through the confusion. This will give you a great Memory Foam mattress review. Memory foam owners rate their mattresses as well as other mattress types. Memory Foam / Gel Memory Foams great conforming ability and motion isolation are often well above average. A lot of the highly rated brands cost under $700. Compared to other mattress types, Memory Foam mattresses overall are more likely to off gas, retain

Looking for a mattress store

When it comes to a new mattress firm is what people ask for usually, however, in the mattress world it translates to you are not getting enough back support. When you type mattress store near me, sometimes people that every mattress store is the same, in fact, we are not. It is my quest for everyone to realize it is not too late to sleep like a baby, sleep like a teen on spring break, or me after a long day of posting on the internet. I would like to leave you with some thoughts before you go shopping; the mattress shopping is simple if you remember these few little things. Your mattress sizes should be figured out before you leave your house. Take measurements of your room and your bed

Queens are still the rage!

A mattress purchase is very important, and before you go looking for the best place to buy a mattress, I would figure out which mattress size is the best bed mattress size for you. A queen size mattress is 60” wide and 80” long, the queen mattress is a good mattress for couples who like sleeping closer together, with two people fitting better within the queen mattress size than on a full bed. A queen bed mattress also works for a single person who wants more sleeping space. Browse the selection of queen size mattress options available, we have quality mattresses at every price. Queens are the most popular mattress on the market, accounting for more than 40% of the local mattress sales. If yo

Which is bigger a Double or full mattress?

Double mattress size and full mattress size are the same. If you type double mattresses near me, you will limit your full size mattress selection of mattress stores in my area. Many people make the mistake of thinking a full size mattress, measuring 54” wide and 75” long sleeps two comfortably. However, a full mattress is more ideally well-matched for sleeping for one person, since when you divide the full mattress size in two; it’s only as wide as a typical crib mattress. A lot of people that are limited on space yet a twin size mattress is too small. In this case a full size is great, they sleep at an angle and sleep comfortable without hanging off the end of the bed. Check out affordab

Twin or Single Mattress that is the Question!

Twin or Single mattresses account for around 31% of mattresses purchased in the Portland mattress market. The twin mattress is one of the most popular options for mattress size, rivaled only by the queen mattress. Measuring 39” wide by 75” long, a twin size mattress is designed for small children’s bedrooms or short adults in a small room. We are pretty proud of our twin size mattress selection. So when looking for a twin mattress sale near me (you), most people are pretty happy they came into our mattress store. Twin mattresses are also known as Single mattresses, mattress sites do not always know they are the same so single mattress near me might night get the same selection as twin matt


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